Lockdown starter pack

Lockdown starter pack


This is a great way to transition and trial reusable nappies!  (And what better time at the moment!)  This nappie set, contains either cloth or bamboo nappies (list below) 3 additional microfibre inserts and a roll of nappy liners (100 sheets).  An easy way to dip your toes into the reusable nappy world! 


They're an easy alternative to disposable nappies - Binnie Baby nappies are soft, waterproof and of course, absorbent!  


These nappies are recommended for daytime use and are designed to fit from 3kg right through to approx 13kg (or depending on your childs size, 0 - 36 months). The adjustable snap buttons, double gusseted and elastic waist makes this nappy easy to adjust and adapt as your baby gets bigger.  You can add a disposable liner (included in this pack) to make changing a breeze and the inserts come out so nappy & insert can be thrown into the wash!


The liners can be composted (if no solids).  But please do NOT flush down the toilet!