Origami bunnies

Origami bunnies

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Origami bunnies! These 3D decorations are gorgeous in your little one's nursary, or can be used to decorate the home!

Fun, cute and creative, this is a fun and rewarding activity.  And whether it’s a living room, kid’s room, shop window, office, event, company booth or a cafe, these are stunning additions to any space.

These are 3D PRE-CUT and PRE-FOLDED PaperCraft.  They're easy to assemble by following the instructions to fold and paste with no need for scissors.  This product comes in practical pre-cut and pre-creased numbered pieces, making it easy for anyone of any craft level to enjoy!  Great for a school holiday activity too.

Difficulty: ★★ Easy (recommended ages 8+)

Bunny 1 - Measures HxWxD (cm/in): 29cm x 14cm x 20cm / 11.9" x 5.51" x 7.87
Bunny 2 - Measures HxWxD (cm/in): 40cm x 14cm x 20cm / 15.7" x 5.51" x 7.87"

Material: Fortified 250gsm paperboard - in other words, it’s strong!